Painting in Full Color with Teresa Oaxaca

9,000 kr

Instructor: Teresa Oaxaca

In this five day workshop Teresa will lecture and demonstrate her approach to painting the human portrait in oils. We will be painting an array of model, costume, makeup and still life. This will be the setup that students paint. Teresa’s approach utilizes classical methods of the nineteenth century blended with a modern understanding of color, brushwork and aesthetics. Emphasis will be placed upon constructing a proportionate head using anatomy, value and color. Drawing with be done with the brush. Materials and Methods will be discussed and used hands on.

Participants have the option of working in their own chosen canvas sizes. For example; one sustained long pose or two, three or four 16×20 inch (40×50 cm) panels. We will have in class one long pose for 5 days. Teresa will be demonstrating on numerous days using the same canvas and creating layers and texture. It is recommend that you also build in a long pose into your workshop with a canvas size approximately 36×24 inches (90x60cm). Canvases and panels will be available for purchase from the school.

On Wednesday evening, after class, we will visit the Gothenburg Museum of Art to see their collection which features many Scandinavian masters such as Anders Zorn and P.S. Krøyer. Travel to the museum and entrance are included in the course fee.

Class hours: 9:00 – 16:00, Monday to Friday with a one hour lunch break.

Brushes, palettes, palette cups, palette knives, oil, solvent and some student grade paints will be made available by Florence Academy for students to use but specific colors needed will be the responsibility of the participants. Refer to the list below for what you will need.

Painting Workshop Supplies

This is the recommended palette I use (Paints Available at Natural Pigments Website:

Basic Palette:
Ultramarine Blue Green Shade
Chromium Oxide Green
Lemon Ochre
Chrome Yellow Primrose
Lead Tin Yellow
Dark Orange Molybdate
Pozzuoli Red
Rose Madder
Cypress Umber Raw Dark
Lead White #1
Bone Black

Extended Palette:
Cobalt Chromite Blue
French Sienna

Expoxide Oil

Or you can substitute some or all of these colors with pigments of similar names (listed below) should you already have some or are unable to get a hold of Rublev colors. The selected list is however preferable as it is an integral part of my working palette and it has been selected for paint handling qualities and quick drying time so that your progress in the workshop may run smoothly without the added difficulty of having to work over still wet or tacky paint. You will notice the high number of earth colors, umbers and leads. The oils that bind these pigments and that will be used as a medium also exemplify quick drying times.

Alternative Palette:
Ultramarine Blue
Terra Verte
Yellow Ochre
Cadmium Yellow light
Naples Yellow
Cadmium Orange
Venetian Red
Alizarin Crimson
Raw Umber
Lead White/a white
Ivory Black
Vermillion or Cadmium Red


The workshops at The Florence Academy of Art / Sweden present a unique opportunity to study with a variety of visiting artists teaching different techniques. These intensive, two day workshops are perfect for students who desire to develop their artistic skills. Most of the instruction is on an individual basis and our instructors adapt the exercises to your level of experience, which means that the courses are suitable for both beginners and professional artists. In addition to the individual feedback group lessons and in class demos will be held. The skills you acquire during your course can be applied directly to your continued artistic endeavours.

A minimum of 8 students is needed to hold the course. If this number is not reached before the class starts we will cancel the course. Please do not make any travel or hotel bookings until you have confirmed with us by email or phone.

Your spot in the class is not secured until you have paid the full amount. If you withdraw from the course 7 days or more before the first day of class you will receive a 75% refund. If you withdraw one to six days before the first day of class you will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be given from the first day of class.

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