Evening Figure Class

2,400 kr4,300 kr

Students will learn to draw or paint the human form by working from a live model in a single pose over the course of three evenings. This gives students the opportunity to study the intricacies of the human body and achieve a higher level of accuracy than what would be possible in a single session. Students will learn how to accurately judge proportions and values to create a realistic rendering.

Our instructors are professional artists with years of experience working from life. Individual critiques will be given according to each student’s skill level and progress which makes the course appropriate for beginners as well as advanced students. Instruction will be given in English and Swedish as needed.

Class Schedule
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 18:00-20:30
January 28-30 (Drawing): 2400 kr
February 4-6 (Painting): 2400 kr
Both: 4300 kr



The workshops at The Florence Academy of Art / Sweden present a unique opportunity to study with a variety of visiting artists teaching different techniques. These intensive workshops are perfect for students who desire to develop their artistic skills. Most of the instruction is on an individual basis and our instructors adapt the exercises to your level of experience, which means that the courses are suitable for both beginners and professional artists. In addition to the individual feedback group lessons and in class demos will be held. The skills you acquire during your course can be applied directly to your continued artistic endeavours.

Your spot in the class is not secured until you have paid the full amount. If you withdraw from the course 7 days or more before the first day of class you will receive a 75% refund. If you withdraw one to six days before the first day of class you will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be given from the first day of class.