Academic Program 2019-2020

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Academic Year 2019/2020



Fall Tuition:
SEK 41 275 due by September 1

Winter Tuition:
SEK 41 275 due by December 1

Spring Tuition:
SEK 41 275 due by March 1


Upon acceptance, you will be requested to confirm your place with a non-refundable deposit (money order or bank transfer) in the amount of SEK 8,000.00. Tuition balance in the amount of SEK 33,275.00, must be paid by the dates above, depending on the trimester you enter the program.


Students may request refunds (less the non-refundable deposit) in their first trimester of study within the first week of the trimester. Any period of absence during the term, whatever the motive or duration, will not be refunded.

The Florence Academy of Art reserves the right to make changes in teaching staff when necessary.


The Florence Academy of Art endeavors to provide an educational environment conducive to encouraging the artistic talents of each student. This requires that all students respect the policies of the Academy, its instructors, and the other students in the program. By enrolling in the Academy, students agree to subscribe to the Studio Policy. The Studio Policy is contained in the Student Handbook.



Basic Eligibility, completed secondary education. The applicant must possess knowledge in the Swedish and/or English language. Applicants must submit five work samples to the application.


To complete your application you are required to attach five reproductions of recent drawings and/or paintings. This allows our Admission Committee to determine who is best suited for study at The Florence Academy of Art / Sweden. The Admission Committee want to see if the applicant:

– reflects an interest in figurative realism
– attempts to draw from life
– has looked at or studied the old masters
– has potential for development
– shows talent


Applicants who are considered suitable but could not be admitted due to space restrictions are placed in reserve on a waiting list. The applications on the waiting list are reconsidered at the next application period and judged on the same basis as new applications. In cases where students already admitted for some reason withdraw their application the school contacts applicants on the waiting list. These applicants are offered a spot in the program, sometimes even after the deadline.

All applications are filed acheter cialis generique belgique. Notification of admission are given to the applicants via email or letter. All correspondence in connection with application and admission are archived.