Weekend Workshops

Portrait Sculpting with Astrid Gillenius 2018-11-16T12:39:21+00:00


Come learn to sculpt the portrait with Swedish artist Astrid Gillenius.

In this workshop the students will learn to build up a realistic life-size head portrait in clay, working from a live model. This intensive workshop will focus on the basic structure and method of sculpting a portrait from life.

Students will learn to achieve realism by studying a technique based on visual observation, in the classical tradition. Regular demonstrations and individual critiques will guide the student through the different stages. Using a methodical approach, students will improve their observation of anatomy and human form, enabling them to portray the expressions and character traits of their subject, and enhance their personal style.

Instruction available in English, Swedish, and Italian.

Clay and sculpting tools will be provided.

If students would like a permanent version of their sculpture we can have a plaster copy made at an additional cost.