Weekend Workshops

Portraits From Reference with Gustav Sundin 2018-11-16T13:11:23+00:00


Swedish artist Gustav Sundin will be giving a portrait painting workshop with a focus on underpainting and color mixing. During the underpainting section of the course Gustav will do a short demonstration as he shows students how to “draw with paint.” During his color demonstration he will explain his methods for beginning his color mixtures and give a lecture on color theory. He will also talk about lighting, set up, and composition.

Students will work on their own projects using reference images provided by the instructor. Gustav will come by to give professional instruction and guidance to all the students who attend.

Instruction will be in English and Swedish.

Please bring a canvas prepared for oil painting. We will provide paint, medium, and brushes but you are welcome to bring your own.


Oil paints:

Titanium white (pref. Rembrandt), Yellow Ocre, Warm Red, Cool Red, Transparent ironoxide red, Ultramarine Blue


A piece of unstretched linen canvas prepared for oil painting, 30×40 to 40×50 cm in size. Claessens oil prepped portrait linen is recommended.