Our courses are suitable for both beginners and professional artists
The workshops at The Florence Academy of Art / Sweden are designed for students with a strong desire to develop their artistic skills. Most of the instruction is on an individual basis and our instructors adapt the exercises to your level of experience, which means that the courses are suitable for both beginners and professional artists.

In addition to the individual feedback group lessons and in class demos will be held. The skills you acquire during your course can be applied directly to your continued artistic endeavours.

Here we have listed the workshops scheduled for 2017/2018. Click on a course name to be directed to the individual page with more information about the course and to sign up. You can sign up for multiple workshops but please keep in mind a deposit is needed for each class.

We will be adding more classes and times throughout the year so make sure to come back to read about the latest info. If you would rather receive email updates about our workshops, please send an email to and we will make sure you are always up to date.

Open Figure Drawing

Oct. 4 - Dec. 13 / Wednesdays 18:00-20:00 (6pm - 8pm),

Life drawing is a skill which is necessary to the visual artist and requires constant practice and exercise in order to develop drawing techniques and familiarity with the medium.

Participants will have two hours to draw the model, the pose is held throughout the session, in whichever drawing medium they choose. The teacher will be drawing along with the participants and will be the monitor for the session. The cost is 75 kr to be paid upon arrival.

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