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Realist painting as journey to the world of senses

Since our lives become increasingly more digital, touchscreens and mobile devices gain ground in our daily routines, and our creativity expressed through interactions with real material, surfaces and objects is on a declining trend.

The notion that the creative processes carried through interactions with three-dimensional material is beneficial to the brain and body, is not a new one. And The Florence Academy Of Art claims, by no means, to be the only school out there to urge the art aficionados of all ages, to engage into some “tangible” creative activity.


What is unique to our type of creative work though, is the direct relationship we nurture between our environment, our own senses, and the level of focus we need to acquire, in order to complete our task. We grind our own paint, we get our hands dirty and we are not afraid to throw away a failed attempt and restart.

It takes time, endless repetitions and effort to depict the natural world that surrounds us in a way that is in line with the teachings of the Masters like Rembrandt. This is how we also develop that special connection with the object of our work, learn how to “sense” our next steps and grasp how to be “in the moment” for real.


And be in the moment

We have found, in an era of so much digital noise, our process and methodology is ever more needed.

This is why we picked “Senses” as a theme for our awareness campaign. Our films are stories of artists who complete their paintings up to their own standards for the first time.

According to real testimonials, such a moment, set in front of a filled canvas, can be perceived as a moment of realization, a moment of truth. This is a moment in reality. It is a state we encounter in our line of work, and we can only say that moments like these, make the ambitious journey all worthwhile.

1. Challenge film: Not a Nike commercial


It all begins with the challenge. To be able to succeed, one has to run a race against his own self, much like running a triathlon. Sometimes, to get something right, might mean physical testament and exertion. Muscles might hurt.


Our students are real people seeking inspiration and providing it. They are connected, they are on Instagram, they share, give and receive feedback. But what the work demands is, at critical points, to shut it all out.

2. Focus film. A large part of the work is to take a deep breath

3. Precision film. Mathematic accuracy is one of our principles


For a big part of our study program we observe, calculate and recalculate. We need to remain vigilant, and try constantly to be precise when depicting the natural. Precision lies in the center of the realist painting philosophy. Instinct follows right after…


Traditional realist painting will not provide you with shortcuts. And that is a good thing.

Although we provide an extended set of tools and directions to our students, unfortunately, the comforts of a digital apparatus, are not part of it. We work with a lot of tossed papers, and repetition until we reach the anticipated point of perfection. And we have found that our practices are the best ammunition for digital and analogue professional artists alike.


What does “Sense Your Creation” mean to you? Take part in our competition #SenseYourCreation, to win a workshop of your choice during 2017!

How to enter:

1. Upload as a photo on any social media platform: a piece you created which communicates the theme “Sense Your Creation”. It could be a piece that holds some emotional value to you, or something you did that marked your path as an artist.

2. Do not forget to include somewhere within the photo the words “Sense Your Creation”.

3. Hashtag #senseyourcreation when uploading your photo and direct your post to @florenceacademyofartswe

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