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Are you a creative person looking to improve your artisitic skills but don’t have the ability to study full-time? Our part-time study course might be exactly what you need. Each course is 11 weeks of study with a professional member of the Florence Academy faculty. The class meets twice a week for 6 hours each time. We split the time between working on individual projects and working from a live model. These projects are based on the excercies used in our full-time academic program. This course is perfect for people who are currently working or studying in another field but who are serious about learning and perfecting the craft of drawing and painting.

Classes are Thursdays 13:00-19:00 (1pm-7pm) and Fridays 9:00-16:00 (9am-4pm). You can write to office manager and class coordinator Michael DeVore at michael@florenceacademyofart.se to discuss your study plans or ask questions. You do not need to attend all class hours to participate in the course. If a class is canceled because of a holiday or other reason then we will schedule an additional date.


One day per week: 12.000 SEK

Two days per week: 20.000 SEK